The Irish Balance Podcast

Episode 31: Menstrual Health, Sport and Nutrition with Esther Goldsmith and FitrWoman

September 22, 2019

In this week's episode, I interview Esther Goldsmith, sports scientist with FitrWoman (@FitrWoman). FitrWoman is the world's first app to provide daily training and nutrition advice tailored to menstrual cycle hormone changes. The app aims to helps you track your menstrual cycle and provides personalized training and nutritional suggestions tailored to the changing hormone levels throughout your cycle. Menstrual health doesn’t crop up much in day to day conversation or on social media, but it’s so important that we normalise discussing it, to know what IS normal and what is not. I'm a proud FitrWoman brand champion, and I was very excited to collaborate with the FitrWoman team via Esther to bring you a podcast episode all about periods! Esther has a Masters in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology, and completed her dissertation on the female athlete. In this episode, we discuss the basics of the menstrual cycle, and dive into how exercise and nutrition affect and can be affected by it. Happy listening!