The Irish Balance Podcast

Episode 28: Social Media, Alcohol and Mental Health with Joe O’Brien

August 1, 2019

I'm delighted to bring you guys the highly anticipated Part 2 of my mental health podcast episode with Joe O'Brien, mental health researcher working at Spectrum Mental Health and creator of the fantastic @headfirst0 Instagram page and Head First podcast. In this episode, we discuss social media, it's possible effects on our mental health, and the questions we're all wondering - how addictive is it, and what does problematic use of these apps look like? We then move onto discuss alcohol in Ireland, looking at the quantity we consume and the pattern of consumption in this country. We discuss how alcohol can impact our mental health, the importance of being aware of Ireland's low risk weekly guidelines for consumption (i.e. maximum limits we should not exceed!) and the stigma surrounding drinking less and/or abstaining entirely. I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! Be sure to tag myself and Joe in your Instagram stories if you listen, and let us know what you think of our chat! And of course, give @headfirst0 a follow on Instagram, you'll be glad you did!