The Irish Balance Podcast

Episode 26: Movement for Enjoyment and Redefining Fitness with Nathalie Lennon

June 22, 2019

This week on the Podcast, the focus is on redefining how we think about fitness and figuring out ways to make sure our movement and exercise is both enjoyable and sustainable. My guest is personal trainer, fitness influencer and nutrition coach Nathalie Lennon (@nathalielennon_ on Instagram), who is also a good friend of mine and an all round positive, inspirational powerhouse of a gal! Nathalie's message is centred around focusing on the mental and physical health benefits exercise can bring us, and ensuring the activity we do is enjoyable and sustainable. We also discuss in our chat a little bit about the importance of avoiding comparisons with others on social media, as well as tips to help you overcome fitness challenges such as a lack of time, money for gym membership, and feeling under-confident or motivated to give something new a go. I hope you enjoy this week's episode! This is the last on my series for a little while - I'll be back with more episodes over the summer soon, but I'm taking a short break from recording to move my life to the West of Ireland and start a new job - exciting! Thank you for tuning in each week and I can't wait to bring you more soon!