The Irish Balance Podcast

Episode 25: Yoga for You with Ruth Delahunty

June 15, 2019

This week on the Podcast we are chatting about YOGA! I've been practising yoga for over a year now and have had many questions from you guys about how and why I got started. I've brought the topic to the Podcast to hopefully help you guys give yoga a try whether at home, in a class or both, and also to bust some common myths and confusion about yoga (spoiler alert - it's not possible to be 'bad' at yoga!). This week's guest is yoga teacher Ruth Delahunty, who is also a graphic designer, mom of three and creator of Yogaru (@yogaru_ireland). Yogaru is centred around Ruth's 108 Asana Yoga Sequencing Cards, which aim to help simplify and de-mystify yoga, and bring us all the 'feel good' factor from our practice whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. I hope you guys enjoy this episode, and feel inspired to give yoga a try yourselves after listening! As always, let us know if you listen - find me @theirishbalance on Instagram and Ruth @yogaru_ireland.