The Irish Balance Podcast

Episode 24: Focusing on Food for Life with Fiona Staunton

June 2, 2019

In this week's episode of the podcast I'm chatting to Fiona Staunton, Ballymaloe-trained chef, Home Economics teacher and creator of Fiona's Food for Life (@fionasfoodforlife). I met Fiona earlier this year and was delighted to attend one of her fantastic cookery demonstrations a few weeks back. I've brought her on the podcast to share her ethos with you guys - 'Cook, Eat, Nourish' - all about showing us how to make cooking healthy, tasty and nourishing meals and snacks in a simplified and more accessible way, with a bit of fun in there too! Let us know if you tune in and enjoy the episode (tag Fiona and myself @theirishbalance, or drop a comment), and if you haven't already, subscribe and leave a rating on iTunes so I can bring the Podcast to more and more people! Happy listening!